Rachel, a South Florida-based contortionist is getting attention online because of the incredible things she can do with her body.

The young student strikes the most incredible poses and she says what she does is not Yoga but contortion.

See the photos below…

see some reactions:

De X Oz This world is now something else entirely , it’s now a norm for a girls buttocks to be completely exposed , what’ our plans for the future exactly ?

Akunebuni Chukwuebuka Freedom Showing us you yansh all in the name of exercise.

You think you sabi pass us? Abeg Bobrisky come show her your know make she know say she still be learner

Asiwaju Ahmed Accept your body the way it is and be comfortable in your own skin.
Do not let people body shame you. If you are happy with the way you are and it isn’t affecting you who I’m I to ask you to change?.
Love yourself and nobody will be able to use it against you. You might have your insecurities, but don’t let them bring you down
You are beautiful the way you are and also we like the women thick 😁😁😁

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