how to calculate GP…
First you add the total number of quality points in those 9 courses.
If for example, you have 6 courses whose credit unit is 2, and the remaining 3 courses have 3 credit units.
All you have to do is to add ’em up.
2+2+2+2+2+2 = 12
3+3+3 = 9
12+9 = 21
So you total credit unit for that semester is 21.
Now to calculate you Gp for the semester, whatever grade you get in a course, must be recorded accordingly.
Eg. A in a 2 credit unit course = 2X5 = 10 points
A in a 3 unit course = 3X5 = 15points.
And so on…
When you’re true with the calculation, you divide it by 21. Whatever you get, is your Gp for that semester.

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