A young man took to his Facebook account Ayokunle Abiodun To Narrate His experience with a mad man. According to his story the man has been mentally disabled for more than four years.

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I can and will keep shouting this powerful name…

Am still yet to recover from this wonder…

Well in the picture is Mr Joseph Abiodun who hails from Benin in Edo state. 

I went to the church for a prayer meeting and evangelism. I was paired with a partner but my partner since we finished the prayer very late suggested we leave our own evangelism till Friday(2/02/2018) by 5pm. Which I agreed to. As I was walking home just not too far from the church,I sighted this mad man in a Bush breaking sticks. Of course when you see a mad man,you should walk away. Which I did. But the holy spirit ministered to me to go and pray for him. I refused and continued walking home. Maybe I was just being compassionate and was talking to myself. But as I kept walking further the voice became stronger. So I had to retrace my steps. I walked into the bush suddenly my fear was disappearing,have not had that kind of faith since i became a christian. I confronted him while he was cooking in the bush and told him Jesus has sent me to set him free.

As I prayed I knew I was no longer the one talking, I can’t tell or express how I was feeling but I was under an influence. I commanded him in the name of Jesus to come and he came closer. I prayed in few words and Lo and behold he fell to his face. And the lord said he is free. After interaction with him he is confirmed healed. Onlookers who knew him said he has been on the street in madness for more than four years. They were surprised and kept asking him several questions,and with eloquence he replied them all. He has now bathed,has worn clothes,fed,barbed and now resting in the church premises.




This happened in Otapete Street-Owo in Ondo State.


Please help pray for reconnection to his family… 

He trecked to this place from Edo state…

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