MUST READ! Ladies, See The Disadvantage Of Being Disvirgined Before Marriage (See Here)

We hear alot of people saying a guy or lady is not good in bed or one party doesn’t satisfy the others sexual desire.

Trust me this is mainly attributed to those who never married as virgins.

When two people get married as virgins, there is no way they will have any issues with their sex life because first of all, no matter the size of the guys manhood, that is what the lady’s virgina will get use to and their way of sex life is what they will both grow with and add spices to just the way they want it.

Now because so many people these days get disvirgined very early and probably end up being with more than one person before they get married, the issue of sexual satisfaction always arise and this is because of the different experiences one gets to have.
In this regard you find yourself comparing one particular persons way of sex to another and when your married partner fails to be like one of those you have been with in the past, it becomes an issue and you start looking for were to get extra satisfaction that will finally destroy your marriage.
Be a proud virgin till marriage and trust me you will be one of those to have a happy ever after married life.

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