According to facebook Multiple reports online, American singer Omarion Performed for an empty stadium in Namabia;

Artist Worse nightmare, Not easyOmarion took his time to be with Namibia, he approved us and as a artist he woke up with nervousnes and practise his flow to entertain us.

This was one of those worse days where you need to put pride aside and thank yourself that you didn’t give up on the believes .

We ask you to come as Namibians cause our flag is in vein now .but we didn’t show up in Number.

Team of Omarion and Organizers Good Job.
No matter the weather you pull it off.

From Artist to an artist…. Obstacles makes us leve up and not just numbers and money.

Namibians were not just well informed with the interest .. industry is about gambling .. one must play it’s cards right and not just sit there expect to win millions .

Much love Celeb.
African Cobra


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