P3n.!ses come in all shapes and sizes, and you might one day find yourself facing a very endowed man. While getting down with a man with a big junk is jackpot for some women, others wonder how it will fit.

You need not fear, science is on your side. A V@.g!na can accommodate a larger-than-average Pen.!s, but to avoid the side effect, such as painful S3@.x:’ or tearing, keep these tips below in mind.

1. Acknowledge it: You do not need to make a big deal out of it, but saying something will give the guy a heads up so he can be gentle. Go with something like “Wow, that’s a big P3n.!s. Let’s take it slow,” and then move on from there.

2. Take the lead: It is hard to know what your V@.g!na can handle until you get in there so it is important that you be the one to set the pace. Make sure you progress slowly and as is comfortable for you.

3. Lube up: You absolutely need lubricant so things can go easier. Apply as much as you need until you feel comfortable.

4. F0replay: Yes, lube will help make things easier, but foreplay will make sure you are really ar0us3d. Being arous3d will give your V@.g!na a chance to open up and entry won’t be so bad.

5. Try Side by side S3@.x:’: This means minimal penetration, and you can easily grab a hold of his Pen.!s so if he goes in to deep, all you need to do is increase the length you are holding on to.

6. Try: Woman-on-top: With this, you are in charge. You determine when to go deep and how deep to go. It is easier to stop if you are uncomfortable. Insist on this  if you are worried your man could be carried away.

7. Avoid D0ggy styl3: This position is made for ultimate penetration. It might cause the Pen.!s to hit your cervix, which is not such a good feeling. If you want to enjoy ‘from behind’ S3@.x:’, try reverse cowgirl instead, as it gives you the chance to control the depth.

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