Who on earth will be able to stop the acts of s*x in dating. It is believed that s*x is the bond that keeps a relationship going but some are people are not in support of that mentality.

Reno Omokri is an author and a lawyer, he is also the former presidential media aide to Jonathan. He has come again with his RenoNuggets as he diss out piece of his mind about premarital sex. Should s*x before marriage be encouraged?

Here is what Reno has to say;

Dear men,
Satan’s main tool for destroying your God designed destiny of greatness is by distracting you with women of easy virtue. The more women you sleep with out of wedlock, the more satan is able to dilute your destiny #RenosNuggets

What ya say? Are you for him or against?

Well his tweets generated some replies from twitter users, have a close look;

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